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The Secrets To A Relaxing Bedroom Revealed


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More people are seeing their general practitioners than ever with anxiety related conditions. It is hardly surprising in this day and age. The digital world is supposed to make our lives easier than they are, but it seems the opposite is true. it doesn’t matter what we try to do, technology has an affect on our psyche.


The most effective way to treat most forms of anxiety is with relaxation and a good night’s sleep. For that, your bedroom must be a haven of calm influences. Do you recognise that description? Well, don’t panic just yet; there are some fantastic ideas here that you can apply to your bedroom to transform it from an untidy dump into a place of peace. Read on and take from it what you can.



First and foremost you must empty the room. As an item leaves the bedroom, you must put it into one of three boxes. You must provide a box for things to throw away, a box for things to keep, and a box for things to save elsewhere. We all gather things around us that we rarely use but with which we cannot bear to part. Those are the things to store in the loft or shed. You must be ruthless when you declutter to get rid of everything you don’t need.



When you have sorted your clothing and belongings, you must look at how to store them in your tidy room. The best solution comes in the form of fitted wardrobes. If you are a keen DIY enthusiast, you can construct your own but it is unlikely you can make them to a professional standard. The experts will come to your house, discuss your needs, and show you solutions that you never knew existed. If you choose to build your own, make sure you know what doors are available because you must design the wardrobe around them. Sliding doors may be an ideal solution for you.



We set the mood of the room with the lighting. Use LED light fittings that recess into the ceiling. You can fit a dimmer switch to control the brightness in conjunction with bedside lamps. When you go to bed at night, the last thing your tired eyes need is a blast of bright light to disturb your calmness, and this is the time bedside lamps are worth their weight in gold.



We can only touch on the decor scheme in your space. Think about using either neutral shades such as beige or be brave and paint the walls a rich colour such as dark purple or maroon. either of those colours will help to create light and shadows from the bedside lamps.



There is a trend towards laminate flooring in bedrooms, but it is not suitable for this purpose. Put a thick carpet down instead. It will be warm underfoot and help to absorb noise from below.


When the room is clutter free and decorated, think about changing your behaviour. If you have a television upstairs, put it away. keep the room for resting. The television will excite your mind, and that is not good.


Is there something here that you could apply to your room? I think that decluttering is essential. It cost nothing but makes the room tidy. Maybe you could carry out all of my suggestions. Do a little at a time to spread the cost.


That’s all for today, I hope you enjoyed reading my article as much as I have writing it.

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Rita Spratlen

Monday 14th of July 2014

I am guilty of clutter. I have my knitting and books everywhere. I like to have my hobbies close by when I watch tv and really don't watch tv!! Thanks for sharing. Great ideas!!

Pam Allen

Monday 14th of July 2014

I need to work on CLUTTER! I don't think I can do that until the kids go back to school though LOL!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.