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Scale Models – Build and Play Sets #ktothgg

Scale Models-build and play set


I remember my brother loved doing scale models of real-world cars, trucks and other vehicles when he was young.  I always wanted to do one, but my mother never got me one.  I managed to buy a couple when I got older and had a blast. A couple years ago I got one for my kids to make and we took it out and just got lost, it is still sitting its box waiting for someone to put together. It was just too hard for us.  Revell over the decades noticed the kids who grew up making models became the adults who designed them, and even the entry-level products became too difficult for today’s kids to build. Revell has stepped in to reverse the trend.  Their models are easy enough for the beginner and just right for someone whose has built one before. 

Revell introduced a new generation of model kits with three new skill levels that redefine the modeling experience for kids 6-12.

Snap, Build, & Play Kit is for ages 6-8 yrs. No tools needed and build time is 30 minutes.  This is the beginner kit with ten pieces.  

Snap Kit- SnapTite Max is for ages 8-10 yrs.  No glue or paint required,  but some tools are needed and will take about an hour to build. 


Glue Kit is for ages 10-12 yrs. This is the basic glue kit.  Glue, tools, and paint (optional) are needed. The build time on this model is 3 hours.  

Please check out Revell's new collection – which was designed and tooled from scratch based on an exhaustive one-year market evaluation that included consumer surveys, focus groups, over 15,000 ‘Make ‘n Takes,’ and experimental in-store research. 

Revell has a kit for just about everyone~


Please check out all the Scale Model KITS you can get HERE.  What I like is the price- almost all are under $25.  Kids need to get off the phones and enjoy using their hands building something.  These will make awesome gifts for the kids in your family and maybe even some adults. 

You can also find REVELL PRODUCTS at Michaels Craft Store. 


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.