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Say Goodbye to Dog Breath with Woofmints

    Like many other families these days, our fur babies are a huge part of our lives. We have two now, Josie our little mutt baby, and we recently got a female German Shepherd pup for our son. (She's in training to be an autism service dog.) They are our daughters, a part of our quirky family. Josie has horrible breath, and because I didn't know about brushing dog's teeth when we got her, she now won't let me near her mouth. (She's 6 and a half, and set in her ways.) Bayleigh is just three and a half months old, so she has some pretty strong puppy breath. She will actually let me brush her teeth, but it doesn't do a whole lot for her breath. Since brushing a dog's tongue is about as easy as nailing jello to a tree, I was happy when Kelly asked me to try out Woofmints. 

Woof Mints

    If you haven't heard of Woofmints yet, then you're missing out! Some of you may have heard of them if you subscribe to Bark Box. So what are they? Well, they are tiny green gel caps that you feed to your furry friend to freshen their breath. The gel caps are made from Vegan gel, and each one has Peppermint and Parsley oil inside (as well as a few other ALL NATURAL ingredients,) to freshen breath. You can mix them into their food, or hand feed them by putting them in your dogs' favorite treat. 

Woof Mints Gel Caps

    So how do they work? Well, the organic peppermint and parsley oils dissolve in your dog's mouth and their stomach and freshens their breath from within. Woofmints says to expect results after approximately seven days of consecutive use. I can tell you that for Josie, the results were immediate. We have to give her allergy medications, and so now she picks any meds out of every snack we hand her. So she out right ate her Woofmint! Her breath was very minty fresh and it lasted for hours. Bayleigh ate hers in her treat, and after a few days of use, I have noticed her puppy breath is all but gone! 

Bayleigh is no longer embarrassed by her puppy breath!

    We have already shared some of our Woofmints with family fur babies, and have been telling everyone we know about them too. Our girls give them TWO PAWS UP! Try them for yourself! Head to their website, or you can even find them on Facebook and Instagram


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.