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How many of you are always traveling, we do and recently went out of the US. One of my biggest fears was having someone steal my things, money, cards, passports.Traveling anywhere can be stressful enough, but having pickpockets waiting for that one unsuspecting site seeing a person, to lose track of things and swoop in for the kill.

Well, I have some great news for you, there’s this place called Clever Travel Companion, and they have made it their mission to help us be protected from those pickpocketers waiting in wait. Imagine how you would feel to have just lost all of your valuables, and trying to get them replaces are even worse. All of which takes up time where you could be laying on a beach, or  sightseeing. 

What the Clever Travel Companion does is make some  antitheft products that can help travelers keep their belongings safe at all times, and ensures a fun-filled trip as well as safe.


They launched a man’s and woman’s line of underwear first with pockets, can you imagine. And the best is the pockets are big enough to keep your passport and money as well as credit cards and anything else you need. And the best is no one would ever tell that you have anything hiding. Not only are your things nice and safe, they are safer from that pickpocketer.  These are great and the pockets fit all of your things, you need them.  Fitting your passport, credit cards and money with no issues. 



Now the compony has many things, even stuff for the colder weather, no matter where you go they have something for you to keep all your things safe. They have added T-shirts and tank tops to the collection. These have a pocket on the stomach area, wearing a sweater or shirt over the t-shirt or tank top makes the pocket invisible to the naked eye.   There will be no pickpocketed happening to you, this will be great when we go on the second cruise, next year.  many more outlets. We are continually developing new products and will be introducing a new range of beach wraps, circle scarves and leggings shortly along with more colours and designs.
Clever Travel Companions patent pending products with secret pockets! Oh, and of course, it is virtually impossible to mislay your stuff because let’s face it, anyone can forget a wallet, purse, fanny pack or money belt somewhere but who takes off their clothing just anywhere in the middle of the day?


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.