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Lipstick That Lasts as Long as You Do- Rimmel Matte Lipstick

Rimmel The Matte Lipstick

Rimmel Lipsticks- Lasting Lipstick

I do not wear lipstick a whole lot, so when I buy a lipstick, I have to buy one that I trust to look good and last.  The one thing I look for in lipsticks is for them not to be glossy.  If I want gloss, I will wear a lip gloss.  When I want color on my lips, I want it to look like my lips, no gloss, just nice color, but I want it to be smooth and not feel dry either.  I am so picky! Usually, I could not find that in a matte lipstick, my lips would always end up feeling dry. 

Rimmel Matte Lipstick is the lipstick I go to.  It is a matte lipstick, so there is no high gloss distracting, and you can always tell the brand by the crown on the top.  The one thing about this lipstick is it smells good.  Now we are not talking about the flavor scented lip glosses type smell, but when you are putting something on your lips, and your nose is right above it, you want something that smells pleasant.  It does not have a specific scent; it is just that there have been times I put lipstick on and could not stand the smell so off it came. 

Rimmel Matte Lipstick have nice colors; my favorite shade is number 800, Run the Show (1st pic above).  I also have tried number 750, Look Who’s Talking; number 700, Trendsetter; and number 810, The Matte Factor. They also have the colors Leader of The Pink,  Call The Shots, Salute, High Flyer, Take The Stage,  and Keep It Coral.

The thing about this Rimmel Matte Lipstick is that actually stays on but does not stain.  Just to further explain in my experience, I put the lipstick on, and the color goes on very smooth and lasts.  When I take it off, however, my lips are not stained that color which has happened to me with other lipsticks, so if I decide I want to change colors, there is no problem because my lips are not stained from the last color making the new color look weird.  I do not have to stand at the bathroom mirror scrubbing it off either; it comes off very easily with soap and water so no fussing around with scrubbing your lips so hard to make the lipstick color come off they are sore.   I love the fact that the lipstick stays on when I need it to, but comes off when I want it to. 

If you like the matte color lipsticks to give your lips a nice color that lasts and goes on smoothly, check out Rimmel The Only 1 Matte Lipsticks with the crown on the top of the cap!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.