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Red Embroidered Christmas TableCloth #cucinachefstore

The Red Embroidered Christmas TableCloth is very high quality, machine washable, machine embroidered and has a cut-out pattern along the whole length. It is a very soft fabric that beautifully drapes over table edges and corners. Looks great with contrasting table runner that is available separately.


  • Woven polyester
  • Imported
  • Christmas tablecloth: 100% woven polyester and machine washable
  • Red background, soft texture with embroidery and cut out design

Making the house ready for Christmas is so much fun.  We have RED everywhere and so why not on our table too.  I usually buy a cheap paper cloth we can throw out, but I wanted something more this year…a beautiful tablecloth and I found it on AMAZON for under $50 too.

This table cloth will be used every year now, and I hope to give to my daughter when she starts having Christmas dinner.  I love that it is washable because I know the Allen's get a bit messy, and I can forsee gravy and ham juices all over it.  But no worries that night I will throw in the washer and make it all better.

Now don't you think if you are going to have a nice Holiday Dinner your table should be festive, I believe so, and I can't wait for my holiday dinner so I can show off my new fancy tablecloth.

Look at the detail in this tablecloth:

Beautiful, right! Then you better grab yourself one soon!  Please find Red Washable, Embroidered and Cutout Christmas Table Cloth on Amazon. 


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.