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Real Age Test

I have always heard my mom and grandma say your only as old as you feel. I always thought, why do they say that and then laugh and talk about how they feel. I didn't understand it till I got older. There is four years in between me and my husband and I can remember joking with him saying how old he was when I was 26. Joking about how he hurt and that he should be put out to pasture like an old horse and we would laugh and he told me you just wait till you get this age your gonna hurt too. I told him that I wouldn't feel the way he did. Well let me tell you, I am not 34 and I feel older than I actually am. I am tired all the time and wish I could get better sleep. I have been to the doctor's for medicine to try to sleep and to loose weight and none of it has helped. So I came across this Real Age Test and took the test. Well guess what I need to loose weight to get better sleep which was no surprise to me. It calculated my real age as 40.7.




40.7 is 6 years older then I am now. Now I know 6 years isn't such a big deal it could be higher and I am thankful that its not that bad. I know some people are saying why would you take a test like that. Well I decided to take it because I wanted to know how my results would turn out. I knew that they could have been really bad or not so bad and I got the not so bad. I had already made the decision to loose more weight and to also work on my sleeping habits which are not that good to start with. So this test only confirmed what I really needed to do. The real age test asks you several questions in health, diet, exercise, weight, height, birth date then it calculates your results from there. 

Head to the site Real Age Test and take the test it will tell you somethings you might need to change .  

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Monday 7th of July 2014

This quiz was so insightful!

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