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Get in Shape This New Year

2015 is officially over, and that means you’ve got a fresh start waiting for you: 2016. 2016 is sure to be a year of success as long as you’re willing to work hard! For me, I’ve got a whole bunch of New Year Resolutions I plan to achieve before 2017 rolls around. I think setting a goal is a great way to motivate yourself to do better… especially when you know the end game is ultimately beneficial! Of my resolutions, a few I’d like to share are 1.) starting up writing regularly again, 2.) building confidence in myself, 3.) giving up fast food, 4.) giving up energy drinks, and 5.) getting in shape! I’ve been searching for ways to kickstart my resolutions, especially my health-oriented goals, and upon this I’ve discovered some really useful objects that can make this whole ordeal easy, effortless, and fun.

Everyone wants to lose weight this new year… tone up… fit in those skinny jeans you keep hiding in the back of your closet if you could just shed those 5 stupid pounds!! Personally, I know that the main thing to getting motivated is making exercise fun. Making healthy eating fun. Distract myself from the fact that I’d really rather be watching Netflix or eating chocolate mug cake… hehe.

To get motivated, I recommend buying cute work out gear. That’s a big secret. It’s like when you buy a really cute new pair of shoes and you just want to wear those shoes out somewhere (I’m talking sparkly high heels and at this point you’ll wear them to math class). Or you went to Victoria’s Secret and you totally rocked that 7 for $27 deal and you just want to wear the cute new undies. Or you went to Sephora and bought a bunch of new makeup so you pile it all on your face even if it’s 3 shades of lipstick and your mouth is turning red because you have to keep rubbing it off to put more on. Why not use the same psychology when it comes to exercise?

I decided to check out the Mia Sport collection to motivate myself. I’m on a tight budget (as in I’m a high schooler with a part time job that mainly pays for gas money type of tight budget), and the products on this website were affordable for my situation. I decided to check out the sports bands, reflectors, reflective Tony Ties, and glow in the dark Silkies to style up my bland, boring work out wardrobe which mainly consists of worn out grass stained soccer t-shirts and glam it up.


The Mia Sport Sports Bands were a great way to add excitement to my workout wardrobe and keep my long, crazy hair out of my face. I have super unruly curly hair, and when I work out it has a habit of going everywhere, but these bands were able to effectively keep my hair slicked back and tight in my pony tail. The sports bands come in six different colors because they’re REVERSIBLE for super fun styles: black with a white outline, white with a black outline, neon green with a dark green outline, dark green with a neon green outline, charcoal with a neon green outline, and neon green with a charcoal outline. My favorite was the neon green one with the dark green outline! The fact that there are only three headbands but they’re reversible equal the quantity of double the styles, so you’re actually getting more for you’re money rather than a single plain, boring headband. They’re made out of a soft elastic material so you can use them in contact sports like soccer. The best part: they’re only $5.00!


If you’re working out at night, you want to stay safe with the Mia Sport Reflective Headband. The one I was able to try came in black and pink. It is extremely soft–almost silky feeling–and has glow in the dark and reflective materials so you’re more visible. This product is extremely comfortable and does not get in the way while you’re running. I definitely recommend it, especially because it’s winter and it gets dark really early. It’s only $6.00.


The Reflective Tony Ties are another way to stay safe at night, except it has two purposes: it can be a hair band or a wrist band. Either way, they both have reflective qualities to make you more visible while working out at night. They come in black, pink, grey, and white. They’re soft, and comfortable while exercising. They’re only $8.00 and come in a pack of 4.


Lastly, we’ve got my favorite product: the Mia Sport Glow in the Dark Silkies. They’re an innovative form of a hair tie created from silicone elastic material. They last 10 times longer than the traditional hair band, and are resistant to heat and sun damage for when you’re running in the summer sun! Additionally, they work wonderfully for both thick and thin hair. Personally, I have rather thin hair so I was worried it would slip, but it held it just [email protected] The best part is that they glow in the dark, so when you run at night you’re a little more visible. Not to mention I’ve never had a glow in the dark hair tie before: it’s so cute, and so much fun. These are only $6.00, and I definitely recommend it.

Overall, Mia Beauty’s Mia Sport line has created a fun, fashionable line of exercise gear to make your workouts more fun and effective. I’m having a blast using them to get in shape, and I hope you guys adore them and have as much fun with it to. Here’s to succeeding all of our New Year’s Resolutions in 2016!

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