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Reading made fun with Otter Tales

Reading is such a great thing for our kids to love doing. When we foster that love of reading from day one it is so much easier for our children to fall in love with books. When we model that reading yourself it further pushes them do want to be a strong reader even if they are not. Books engage the imagination and teach morals in a way that video games, movies and shows cannot. Books allow children to relate with the story in the pages on a much deeper level than just simply watching the same story on TV. And while I love my fare share of couch potatoness I too must remind myself to engage my brain more actively.

Books like, Otter Tales by Kathleen Morrissey are perfectly written for short easy reading that is adventurous and still has time to teach morals. The book Otter Tales is about three otter brothers who are learning to become bigger otters by fending for themselves. They have to create tools to eat their food, steer away from danger but most of all they learn how to be good listeners. This tiny book has a ton to offer young readers my 8 year old reads at a 4th grade reading level but still loved this book for I think it appeals for children of various ages and reading levels.The following is a Review of book from my 8 year old:

The mother  otter teaches Sammy, Swifty and Newsome how they should always carry one rock in their pouch. However, Newsome does not listen and grabs two rocks instead. Newsome struggled to keep up with his brothers while swimming and mother otter had to help him. Once Mother noticed Newsome had two rocks she made him choose one and he was able to swim better. Newsome almost sank because he didn't listen to his mother the first time (I would be more careful if I was him from now on). Later in the book The otters learn about adoption and what it means to be adopted, then they learn how to avoid Sea Lions The Three otter brothers then meet their new baby sister otter (I have a new baby sister too). Mother otter leaves the new baby in the rock bed while the otter family goes to find food. When they come back an Eagle is trying to eat the baby but mother otter saves the baby. When the baby is safe the otter brothers go off on their own to Doe Island even though they were told to stay close. On the Island they get trapped by raccoons because they came to the island without Mother Otter…

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars because it has a lot of adventure in the book. I loved the baby sister part and how the book goes from happy to sad over and over until it ends happily! I would recommend this book for my friends to read and I would love to see more Otter Tales Adventures!

Make sure to read the whole story of Otter Tales to find out how the otters make it back home.

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