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Reaching Developmental Milestones is easy with SmartNoggin

As a Mother of 4 and an Early Childhood Educator I support proper brain development during the first 5 years and especially during the first year starting from birth. Just like all the baby books say these really are the key years to helping your child be the best they simply can. Studies have proven time and time again that even the most difficult disabilities benefit from early detection and early brain stimulation. After age 5 the brain is developed and certain things can no longer be learned if they were missed. Ever wonder why people have such a varying degree of coping abilities? It links back to brain development. Ever wonder why some kids sore in math and other don't? It links back to brain development. These are the pathways that set up the who and what your child will be as the grow  along with how they will learn it (please note I am making generalizations here and I do understand that there are social, environmental and other things that play a part developmentally too). SmartNoggin® currently has two incredibly great toys that are designed for your baby's developing mind, the NogginStick™and NogginRings™. SmartNoggin® has done their research and created two toys that are thought provoking and stimulating for your baby. Both Infant toys hit multiple areas of growth and learning are not easy to find and are honestly what parents should be looking for in an Infant toy (not just if the toy is cute). The NogginStick™ is a unique rattle because it is more than just a simple rattle that makes sounds. It lights up with three very bright colors that grab your sweeties attention and excite them. It also incorporates the use of all five senses, babies hear the rattle, they see the vibrant colors on the stick and colored light inside that changes when hit the stick, they see themselves in the mirror on the bottom of the stick, they feel the different textures with their fingers and can also explore those textures with their mouths. Every time your baby uses this stick they experience something new, this means they are not going to be bored or dissatisfied with their toy. When I first started using this toy my daughter was 2 months old and she could only watch as I shook the toy or moved it around for her eyes to follow. Gradually I started placing it in her hand and she was able to realize she could control it too. At 4 months she now understands she has the capability to manipulate the toy herself and desires to do so. Although, she is still honing those fine motor skills I see improvement every day as she works with the NogginStick™.The NogginRings™ are perfect for tiny hands to hold my 4 moth old can play and hold the noggin ring right now better than the noggin stick because it's a thinner design. When I first started using the ring I would put the small loop around her wrist so she could not loose the ring as quickly. However, now she can reach out for it and usually grab a part of the ring to bring to her mouth to explore herself. She enjoys the ring and the rattle sounds. The basic red, black and white colors are ideal for provoking thought. It's very obvious when she plays with the rings that she is in deep concentration as her tongue is out and her eyes are glued on her task. Every time she uses the rings she is experiencing something new, and she loves reaching and grabbing the rings in different places. SmartNoggin® toys were developed by Marcia Haut, a Purdue University graduate with a degree in special education and special Educator for over 30 years. Haut understood the importance of a baby's brain stimulation and it's links to minimizing developmental delays in children. Unable to find a toy that satisfied her she created the SmartNoggin® Toys. Since it's creation SmartNoggin® has won various awards and can be purchased online, at The Learning Express, and other specialty toy stores Nationwide.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.