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Quick and Easy Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Company

Quick and Easy Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Company

Company is coming!  Now what?  Sometimes, it takes more than a vacuum cleaner and a house full of flowers to get ready for guests.  You don’t have to go crazy…just efforts here and there. I know I sometimes go crazy making sure everything is spotless and everything is in its place. That alone can make you tired, forget about the company you have coming. Here are some tips so you don’t exhaust yourself and your ability to enjoy your company. You can make small changes that can make a big difference!

1. Stretch Fabric over a Frame  

Stretch and staple a favorite fabric over a wooden frame, and lean it against one wall in a room, instead of changing the wallpaper or paint.  You can do this several times a year, and use something glittery around the holidays, and then change it again to something complimenting spring and every season or holiday.

2. Turn Off Overhead Lighting  

While your guests are over, only use floor lamps, table lamps or up-lights.  Turn off all overhead lighting.  For an even cozier trick, use soft pink light bulbs!

3. Roses in a Bowl  

Especially during Christmas time, if you’re tired of poinsettias, you can clip the stems of roses down very short.  Cut them at about 5 inches, and fill a clear glass bowl with cranberries and water, and float the roses in the bowl up to their necks.  You can go without the cranberries and choose any festive bowl or flower.

4. Slipcovers with Velcro  

Change the mood in any room with fitted and simply tailored slipcovers. Select fine worsted wool, because heavier fabrics don’t drape as well.  You also don’t want to hide attractive wooden chair legs with a skirt.  Instead, secure the slipcover under the platform of the chair with Velcro.  Voila…fitted and tailored!

5. Paint Just the Foyer  

Not ready to paint your whole home?  Don’t worry, you can choose a new color just for the foyer.  It’s the first thing visitors see.  If the foyer is still too much, choose just one wall, particularly the one with the painting or entry table against it.  Still not ready for color on a wall?  Paint that old entry piece, or find something at a flea market you don’t mind experimenting with.  Remember that you can paint over paint.

6. Custom Make Napkins from Fabric

  A table setting can win over guests every time, and one of the special touches you can add is your own custom-made napkins from gorgeous fabric you like.  It’s the easiest sewing you can do, or try using hemming tape if you can’t sew.    
Your local sewing store might be able to help you if you are really challenged in this area.  Sewers are typically on hand and could take on your napkin making as a side job.  
You can always add an extra special touch to your table with hand painted place cards, or even gather leaves from your yard for a fall setting.  Paint your guest’s name on each leaf.

7. Throw an Old Scarf on a Chair  

Usually, you buy a scarf because you love the pattern and fabric.  What you wear as fashion will always look good in your home as well because you love it. When that favorite scarf gets old, or you’re wearing the new one more, and the old is tucked away, throw it on your chair or couch.  It will change the look and add something fresh to space.  
Scarves are also great for recovering pillows!

8. Change Just the Coffee Table or Side Table  

When replacing all of the furniture is out of the budget, you can target one of the smaller, less expensive pieces instead of everything in the room.  Replace just the coffee table with a completely contrasting look, or do the same for your side table.  It will break up the old, and stimulate the entire room.  
If you don’t want to make a purchase at all, just switch your coffee table and side table out. See if the balance and size exchange breathe some new life into space at no cost.

9. Use Gourds  

Everyone embraces pumpkin décor around Halloween and Thanksgiving, but instead of the typical, go for filling some baskets or bowls with white or pale gourds on your table center or around your home.  Adding a wicker basket brings in the texture, and the smooth gourds contrast for that perfect blend.

10. Pipe Furniture in Leather  

When choosing to reupholster, you can opt for a simple leather piping on your existing fabric, instead of a complete overhaul.  The look is more chic and up to date, especially if you want to infuse some modern into traditional.  Do this on a large piece, like your couch, or you can just pipe your decorative throw pillows or chair cushions.  It’s an easier task, which adds a lot of styles.

I hope these tips will help you, as they have helped me.

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Nancy reyes

Tuesday 25th of December 2012

Great tips thanks for sharing


Friday 14th of December 2012

great and helpful tips indeed

Krystle(Baking Beauty)

Tuesday 11th of December 2012

Having people in is a huge stressor for me! Thanks for the tips, especially love the one about roses in a bowl!


Tuesday 11th of December 2012

Great and unique tips, I always like to add flowers. I buy a couple of daisies and put them in a small vase and put them on the back of the toilet


Tuesday 11th of December 2012

The piping idea is very interesting. Now, I want to Youtube it.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.