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Quality Designed Dog Wear Idea

During the holidays, everyone deserves to get some sort of gift on Christmas day. Kids wake up in the morning smiling and ready to tear off the wrapping paper that stands between them and their toys. On that beautiful morning, memories are made, and family bonds become even stronger. Although families sometimes overlook someone within the family. That someone is your families your dog, your dog is as much as a family member as anyone else. There are plenty of different gifts that you can get your pet. From toy to accessories, your dog deserves your Christmas love too. I have a product that could be the perfect gift to get for them. So check out the information on the product that’s below.

Bonjour Fido

Bonjour Fido is a company dedicated to making unique handcrafted dog wear. They put their time and dedication into making sure your pup is showing off the next big style. Using both premium materials and high-end metal hardware, their product are durable and here to stay.

Hunter Green and Gold Stripe Collar

Quality Designed Dog Wear Idea

Caring for your dogs is one thing, but you also want them to walk around with a little bit of style. The Hunter Green and Gold Stripe Collar is the perfect gift to give your favorite pup. The quality green and gold stripes on this collar make a strong and powerful statement. Whether you take your pup on a walk, to a family gathering, or to a big showcase, your pup will have that classy look to it. Your dog can walk around with a unique kind of style around their neck. The Hunter Green and Gold Stripe Collar features:

  • Comes gift-ready in a black velvet bag
  • Adjustable
  • Heavy nylon webbing
  • High-quality brass hardware
  • Sizing from Extra Small to Large

With the Hunter Green and Gold Stripe Collar, you can give your pup the gift of a unique handcrafted style to show off to the doggy world.

When you are Christmas shopping, you can’t forget about the family pup. Any kind of pet out there should be considered a big part of the family. So check out the information on the product above, show our dogs that they belong there too.

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