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Putting Together A Family Friendly Halloween



When October rolls around you’ll know right away, not just from the changing of the leaves and the brisk pre-winter chill in the air but from the endless movies, specials, and commercials showcasing all kinds of spooky decorations and horrifying creatures. The thing is, not everyone likes the scary part of Halloween. There are those out there who love to visit haunted houses and get scared out of their wits, but some of us like to enjoy the sillier side of Halloween. Pumpkins with goofy painted faces, funny costumes of our favorite TV characters or even home made ones sure to get a laugh or giggle from friends. If you’re a fan of the lighter side of Halloween, here’s some great costume and decoration ideas that might tickle your creative fancy this season.



Jack-O-Lanterns are the truest staple of Halloween that you can think of, nothing represents the season or the holiday better. There are innumerable ways to decorate them, from simple faces to veritable masterpiece works of art, but here;s one of my favorites. Rather than carving big chunks out of the face of your pumpkin (but don’t let me stop you from digging out the seeds in the center, delicious!) get some paint, glitter glue, stickers, and assorted craft materials and make your pumpkin a one of a kind! Slap a pair of googly eyes on the front and paint in a silly smile, or do a cool metallic or neon pumpkin that will look great or glow in the dark. Just because the holiday is spooky that doesn’t mean that your pumpkin design should be, too!



One of the best parts of Halloween is getting the chance to get creative and dress up however you’d like, but store bought costumes are so expensive! Instead, taking a look at what you have around the house or making a few small purchases can help you put together a fun, one of a kind costume of your own. Rather than buying an expensive mask, try looking up fun Halloween makeup tutorials online, it will be much cheaper to buy Halloween cosmetics for a couple bucks and create a unique look than it will be to buy an expensive (or cheap and flimsy) mask and you’ll be able to do the makeup however you’d like rather than having to choose from a set look. Great ideas for kids’ costumes include pirates, superheroes, or princesses and can be put together easily without having to spend a fortune at a big box or costume store.



If you’re spending the Halloween with younger kids then you might not want to be running around outside, especially as it gets dark. Instead, opt for a night in and work together to make some great Halloween themed treats. Put on some fun music or turn on a silly Halloween movie in the background and get to work on a delicious snack you can enjoy as the night goes on. Give some Rice Krispy treats a spooky makeover with candy corn and jelly bean faces or make some homemade “pumpkin balls” by dying traditional popcorn balls orange (homemade or store bought both work great!). Don’t forget to answer the door together in costume, your kids will love being the one to pass out the candy to trick or treaters that come to the door.


Halloween doesn’t always have to be about building up the spookiest yard or scaring the pants off of each other. Like any other holiday it’s about spending time with your friends and family and what better way than to sit down together and have a great time putting together decorations and treats that everyone can enjoy!

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