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Protein Power Energy – Help Fuel Your Day

Protein Energy

I love the ease of Protein Energy – just mix and go! Me and the hubby are trying to live a healthier lifestyle and this has just made it easier! Breakfast has always been named the most important meal of the day. This has helped me so much since I leave for work before my husband gets up. This way I get a healthy breakfast full of energy. I make myself a smoothie and then make an extra one for the hubby – put in the refrigerator and ta da I cooked breakfast… How easy was that? Fits perfectly into our busy but different schedules. Keeps us both on track with our diet without a huge hassle. So… mix, experiment and try different flavors. You never know what you can discover and share with your friends.

With your day to day routine you don't always have time to stop and cook a meal. Protein Energy gives you the convenient, take anywhere and everywhere solution to start your day our on the right foot. Fuel your day with this delicious and premium whey protein and caffeine from all natural sources. This is the perfect drink for anytime – if you need it in the morning, afternoon or in the evening. It has 20 grams of protein with 120mg of caffeinated energy in every 2 scoop serving that you make. This equals to a 10oz cup of coffee. You also get a serving of antioxidant vitamin E along with a super blend of B vitamins.

It is so easy to mix – you can use water or milk – mix just the powder with your beverage or you can mix and create so many different smoothies – that will really start your day off with a bang! 100 calories, 1 gram carb and sugar per 2 scoop! Fuel & Energy whenever you need it.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.