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Protect yourself With The Products That Count

This is a Sponsored post, all opinions are mine.

I’m all about a good deal, and whenever I catch an interesting one, I’m never hesitant to share it with you, my loyal audience.

Especially during these uncertain times, where jobs can come and go in a flash, it’s great to see sales on basic (and necessary!) items.

So, please know that I’m constantly on the lookout for specials and promotions, ready to share with my readers.

I’m a firm believer in families saving money wherever and whenever they can.

I know how important it is for households to be able to stretch their dollar as much as possible.

Protect yourself With The Products That Count

Well, here’s a good one for you: from July 20th to July 25th, Food Lion is offering $4 off 2 Tampax or Always products.

These are great items to stock up on, so be sure to take advantage of Food Lions’ special offer.

It’s time-sensitive (It’s good only until the end of the week!) so be sure to catch it while you can.

All you have to do is go on the Food Lion website, and you’ll see the coupons live on the product pages.

Hurry! Head over to to check it out for yourself.

Remember: you’ll get $4 off any two Tampax or Always products.

Over the years, these brands have created a household name for themselves – and for good reason.

I love their quality and consistency.

Here are a couple of my favorites from their product offerings:

Protect yourself With The Products That Count

Always Infinity FlexFoam Pads

Pads were not always a favorite of mine – until I discovered Always Infinity FlexFoam Pads.

Anything that you believed about pads (thick, uncomfortable, etc.)… you can now put it behind you!

Always Infinity FlexFoam Pads are truly impressive.

Always Infinity FlexFoam Pads are so discrete, you’ll hardly realize you have one on!

Their slogan is definitely true: “Zero Feel, Zero Leak Protection is Possible.”

It’s amazing how reliable they are and yet, you’ll be comfortable wearing them nearly all day.

Protect yourself With The Products That Count

Tampax Pearl Tampons

Based on a 2020 survey, Tampax Pearl is the “#1 US gynecologist recommended tampon brand.”

This comes to no surprise to me at all! Tampax Pearl boasts a smooth applicator for ease of use.

Plus, it comes in 5 different absorbencies – so you can move up and down, depending on what’s right for you.

As a woman, you very well know that your flow can change over the course of the week.

Tampax Pearl Tampons cater to exactly that. Genius? I think so!

Protect yourself With The Products That Count

Have you ever used any of the products I mentioned above?

Do Always and/or Tampax products constantly make their way on your family’s shopping list?

Okay, NOW’S the time to stock up!

As I said, I ALWAYS take advantage of good savings… and this is your chance via Food Lion.

Remember, their promotion is good until July 25th. The clock is ticking!

I’m always so appreciative of Food Lion.

Their consistency in promotions and sales really helps my family out.

Let me know in the comments how your family saves a buck (or two!).

What are some of your saving strategies?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.