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Protect your Home Deliveries with iBin

iBin a secure lockable parcel delivery box that takes care of all your home deliveries

The iBin is perfect for people that travel or not at home when deliveries happen.  What happens to products that are delivered and left on the doorstep sometimes someone is going to take it.  I've had deliveries taken from my porch even when I'm home.  I'm a review blogger, so I have products sent to me all the time, and I say about 15% of the time the box has been taken.  Then I have to call the company and explain what happened, just one big mess.  The iBin has become a blessing during the holiday season; no boxes were taken in the last couple weeks.  The USPS, UPS, and Fed Ex all told me they wish everyone would have this product, due to all the theft.  They find the iBin easy to use and even helps them with their job- to make sure you get your package! A couple of my neighbors came over to see what this box is on my porch.  They wanted to know more, and yes I let them know. 

Theft from online sales deliveries and other home services (dry cleaning. laundry, prepared meals, groceries, etc.) are being stolen off people's front steps and porches at an alarming rate. If you visit iBin Twitter page, you will see the news stories of package thefts. You can watch how it works HERE

Also, check out this article~– it's amazing to see how accessible and available packages are to steal, people will!  So let's not give them a chance! Get the iBin to protect your deliveries. 

The iBin is a secure, re-lockable, weatherproof lock box for your home and is a great gift for online purchasers. 


  • Weatherproof parcel delivery box 
  • Secure keypad locking system
  • Designed with quality and style to suit every home
  • Durable and quality product 
  • iBin can be fixed to a wall or floor
  • A unique label is affixed to the underside of the iBin lid and is accepted as a signature for delivery, by the courier
  • Uses a keypad numbering system that is unique to your iBin
  • iBin comes in 3 sizes
  • Produced from cold steel and is handmade in America, and it will last for years

How Does it Work:

  • When you purchase your products from the internet you will have an option within the order to add additional notes or special instructions; you enter your iBin keypad code with a brief note to say leave parcel in the parcel bin (and say where it’s kept)
  • The courier will receive these special instructions and look for the iBin on arrival.
  • The courier will enter the lock code turn the latch and open the lid.
  • The courier will place the parcel in your iBin.
  • If proof of delivery is required, then each iBin has a unique number on the inside of the lid that the courier can take down as proof that he has delivered your parcel to the iBin.
  • The Courier will then lock the iBin and leave.
  • When you return home, you enter your code and retrieve your parcels.

Also, it comes ready to use, all I had to do was take out the box and place where I wanted it then start using code! Easy! 

Please check out more information on iBin.   

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Monday 21st of December 2015

Wow -that is amazing! What a great idea!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.