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Primer – Organic Shaving Oil for Men #bestformen

My husband takes care of his face and hair on a weekly basis.  He does get ingrown hairs and doesn't use anything when he shaves.  He takes pride in his appearance, but he has been worried about certain aging lines.  I tell him they are wise lines, but he doesn't find that reassuring.  So when he heard about Primer Shaving Oil he was very interested in learning more. 

Primer Pre-Shaving oils give a closer shave, irritation free, has anti-aging properties. The essential oils will help reduce the appearance of fine lines by infusing skin cells with natural oils and keeping skin smoother.  Primer shaving oil has been developed using a combination of organic essential oils-Juniper Berry, Black Pepper, Lavender, Lemongrass and Spearmint, organic carrier oil base.

Our Video:  Husband letting us know about Primer Shaving Oil 

Only a dimes size amount is needed per shave so the 2 FL. oz. Bottle will last for 2 months. If you want that GREAT SHAVE, then remember shave oil is the foundation.

1. Wash face thoroughly with warm water

2. Shake well before using.'

3 Apply dime size amount in palm of one hand and rub hands together

4. Apply to shaving area with both hands

5. Apply Clear Coat shaving gel and commence shaving.

About the Product
  • Primer pre-shave oil lubricates the face to prevent nicks, cuts and razor burns
  • Shaing oil softens and prepares the facial hair so you can get the ultimate close shave
  • This shave oil hydrates skin reducing redness, dryness and prevents ingrown hairs
  • pre-shave oil for men is designed for all beard types and for all ages
  • Voted best pre shave oil – made with all natural organic essential oils

You can check out more information on Primer Shave Oil on Amazon 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.