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Power Rangers Time Force: The Complete Series


Who did you love from the power rangers, we loved the pink one and Devon loved the yellow one. Another great movie and we just love having the time to sit and watch some awesome movies. Hands down one of the best Pink Rangers of all time. The interplay between the characters really shows the depth in their relationships. Ransik has one of the best Story Arks since ‘Green with Evil’.

In the distant future, a team of Power Rangers known as the Power Rangers Time Force act as a time-traveling police force capturing and freezing criminal mutants. When the notorious criminal mastermind Ransik stages a daring escape, he fells the Red Time Force Ranger Alex and takes the entire cryogenic prison full of dangerous, incarcerated mutants back in time with him to the year 2001. There he seeks to unleash a new wave of crime against our modern world, helpless against his vastly superior technology. In pursuit of Ransik, Pink Ranger Jen (grieving fiancee of Alex) leads a team of Time Force officers back in time to apprehend the escaped criminals. In modern times they ally themselves with Alex’s distant ancestor, Wes, whose shared DNA with his future descendant allows him to take up the powers of the Red Time Force Ranger.

The show is set in the future and the Power Rangers fight futuristic bad guys. I like that it has a sci-fi feel to it but still for kids, and some weapons so be careful with who you let watch, The power rangers have always been the root of good, and are still today. With all their adventures and things they go through, they still keep peace and freedom. e interplay between the characters really shows the depth in their relationships.

They will always be there for each other, helping when things are bad and standing by each others side. Real friendship is what they prove and show each other.

You can get your copy on Amazon.



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