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When you're a blogger get some amazing things to review and I have to admit I love this job. Not only am I able to meet some awesome people, some that have taught me some of the greatest things. both of my kids are in high school and getting school supply are a crazy time for me.

 The Post-it Brand has evolved greatly over the years and I had the opportunity to review some of their newest products in their collection. I received samples for different Post-it Brand collections.

This fall, the Post-it Brand is introducing a range of fun yet practical solutions for the whole family to transition into the new school year. Personalize your space with Post-it Pop-up Note Dispensers, add a splash of global style to your daily routine with the Post-it Brand Colors of the World Collection, make homework/ study time more productive with Post-it Study Products and more!


Remember the days when we had those yellow post its such a big change now they come in so many different colors, I use them to post my children's important dates and of course all of the doctors appointments.

They have sent me some awesome things and they are all so useful,

Post-it Study products help students reach academic achievements with items that stick to notebooks, binders and papers to help organize information during homework and study time, these come in handy for my daughter with organizing her school projects. All of these things are great for all kids in school,

The Home Collection can help remind, plan and display items that need attention or bring a smile to your day so that everything is organized and easy to find, this one is for me and I love it . Im able to keep all the kids things in order.

Post-it Super Sticky Notes, 4 pack: This has the four main colors that they recommend using for Evernote as the app for your phone can tell the difference between the colors and you can then use different colors for different folders. These Post-it Pads can restock the holder above

This was one of the boxes and your like this will work for the whole house . And they are such bright colors.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.