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Picking Out the Perfect Chandelier for Your Home

​Chandeliers are a classic favorite when it comes to home lighting. Their dual quality as a decorative fixture that at the same time provides adequate and direct illumination over bigger areas of the house like the living room has made them to be a staple in home interiors.

Nevertheless, the perfect chandelier remains to be elusive for many homeowners, especially first-timers who are only just starting to piece together the details of their new home. And while there can’t be a template for the guidelines in chandelier selection since styling and design should vary from one home to another, there are tips that you can follow to prevent rip-offs or at least see to it that you get the effect that you want and need from your chandeliers.

The following are some guidelines that you should follow when shopping for chandeliers:


One of the top considerations that you have to make when buying chandeliers is the size. It’s very important to pick the appropriate size as the wrong one will only turn out to be inefficient in providing illumination for the room; either the lighting is too small and low, or too bright and big. Generally, the basis for selection should be the size of the room. Smaller rooms don’t really require huge light fixtures, so there’s no need to invest on that hundred-dollar Herculean chandelier if it’s just to light your 10 square meters studio type condo unit.

Energy efficiency

This is one of the crucial yet more often than not overlooked parts. To say that a piece of appliance or lighting fixture is energy-efficient means that it uses the least amount of energy (electricity) to be able to function optimally. Energy-efficient lights are therefore great energy-savers that also save your budget. If you want to take part in environmental preservation and at the same time cut back on some utility costs, be sure to go for energy-efficient lamps. 

Functions and purposes

Chandeliers, as mentioned earlier, are versatile light fixtures. They do a great job at lighting up even massive stretches of space while doubling as an eye candy and focal point in your otherwise bland interior. Moreover, they are also quite easy to incorporate in a set-up where layered lighting is necessary. So in addition to dramatic wall sconces that give warmth to the place, you can install chandeliers to complement the overall look and feel of the room.


Choosing a chandelier for your home should also be according to the theme or design of the rest of your interiors. So whether you live in a modern-styled or a contemporary-inspired home, your chandelier of choice should have the qualities that would add a relevant finish to the place. Don’t make the mistake of installing a shabby chic lighting piece in your sleek and masculine condo if you don’t want the place to wind up looking all confused and totally out-of-character.

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Libby's Library

Thursday 3rd of October 2013

This is a great post. Just what I needed. I'm wanting to switch out a number of fixtures in my home, and this advice will really help!

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