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1-800-PetMeds Have Everything You Need For Your Pets



1-800-PetMeds Gourmet Biscuits


1-800-PetMeds are known for sending a dog biscuit with each and every order. Well the customers ( two-legged AND four-legged ) loved them! So now you can purchase them alone. They come in boxes of two dozen so you will never run out. The treats are affordable, natural flavored and made in the USA! Huey loves them!

iFetch Frenzy Interactive Dog Toy


My four-legged brother LOVES iFetch Frenzy Interactive Dog Toy! He has always chased balls and they have a floor full of them. But this lets him play any time he wants. He doesn’t need anyone to do it for him. Simply teach them to drop the balls in and they can play all day long. Perfect for when you are gone to work. When they first opened it for him I think he played for over an hour solid. Then took a nap with the balls hid under him!

Max Dog Toy


How cute is Max? He is a TV Star! While he is the co-star of commercials. Now your pup can play with Max the real toy. Your pup will love the two squeakers inside of Max.

Molly Cat Toy


Molly is puurffect and is the other co-star of the commercials. She has a lil catnip inside of her so your cats will have fun playing with Molly. 

Fresh Smart Antibacterial Pet Bowl


The Fresh Smart Antibacterial Pet Bowl by Petkit is the only bowl your pet should ever use. Because it has a built-in scale so you know exactly how much you are feeding them. And the PETKIT app will help you calculate the amount of food that is perfect for your pet. Because they formulate your pet weight, food brand and breed, dog or cat. And just because we have the best readers, when you order yours, use the code TOPTEN for 10% off.

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