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And They Called It Perfect Puppy Love


Perfect Puppy

Cole’s Perfect Puppy is a great book for middle grade readers. I love the fact that it not only highlights the value of your family, friends and showing unconditional love. Because Cole’s journey to finally unite with Scarlet his perfect puppy is an adventure. challenges and life lessons. This is a great book to read with your kids. Or have them read and then ask you questions about being a christian. 

This story revolves around Cole, Caleb and Rachel. The brothers know Rachel from school, but they avoid her because of other kids at school. They pick on her and call her names. But, they figure out during the story that she is a pretty cool girl. 

 The story starts when the brothers decide to stop at a pet store to play with some puppies. Their last chance to play with the puppies before Christmas. One little rascally puppy gets loose and the chase is on. They chase this pretty perfect puppy all over the mall. Cole catches her and falls in love with Scarlet. They finally catch her but they do not have time to ride their bikes home. So they call their Uncle Bobby for a lift.

This is where Rachel enters the story. Her mother works at the mall and she is hanging out doing her homework. Cole and Caleb decided they would hang out with her while waiting on their ride. While hanging out they learn a lot about Rachel. Such as her father was killed in Iraq. Her and her mom lost their house and now live in a trailer park. During this move she had to give up her kitten. While the brothers are looking at the puppies she is checking out the new kittens. One in particular, the pretty little calico, that she has named Miss Calico. Rachel is a Christian and shares her love of Jesus with Cole. Which makes Cole stop and think about things.

Due to Cole and Caleb’s parents being photographers, they are assigned in Egypt. Where demonstrations and street violence are bad. The boys lose contact with their parents. Cole and Caleb, thanks to Rachel’s friendship and testimony, pray for their parents. Cole is moved in his heart and accepts Jesus! 

I encourage you to read the book and find out where this story ends. It is a very uplifting, heartwarming book. Will Cole get Scarlet for Christmas? Will Rachel get Miss Calico? Will their prayers be answered and their parents come home safe? 

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