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Pebblebee Makes Life Easier With a Push of a Button

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Pebblebee makes anything possible with a push of a button!

Pebblebee is a small button that you can attach to anything you want. Why would you attach it you ask? So you can find it of course! Yes, finally there is something affordable that will help you find your car keys, laptop, or tablet. Whatever item you loose the most, the Pebblebee will make it easy to find.



 I misplace my car keys the most. For some reason, I have been in the habit of putting them in the pocket of my jacket. This wouldn’t normally be a problem except that I wear a minimum of 7 different coats. I have my dress coat, gym coat, work coat, weekend sweatshirt, casual vest ect. I always end up digging in multiple pockets to find my keys. Sometimes it is easiest to find them when they are in a coat. The only other option is I left them somewhere else. Like in the hall closet because right when I got home we spilled water and I needed a towel to clean it up.  Wherever the keys end up, they are not on the key hook on the wall. 

I was thrilled to try Pebblebee because I clearly have issues. I loved this little button. What was really fun was finding out that it can do so much more that just help you locate your keys. There are two ways you can program it to do something. When you press the button can be programmed to do one thing, and if you press and hold you can program it to do another.


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First of all, the Pebblebee is so tiny. I was worried about loosing it till I realized it came with a key ring that slides right on. Notice the key ring is already on since honestly it is so tiny. If you saw in my picture it is less than half the size of a standard crayon. 


All in all it was very easy to download the application on my android phone. Then log in and create an account and you can program the button to do many different kinds of tasks. I liked the locator option. The other things you can program it to do is text friends while your driving, snap a selfie or control your music.  The battery is replaceable and will last over a year if you use it as a button. Overall it is a great little button that you can customize to handle the two tasks you need help with the most. 

Find out more about this amazing little button HERE and check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. What do you loose the most?




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