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When I was younger I loved to dress up in my Nanny's pearls and the funny thing is I didn't own my own pair. every woman loves her jewelry and I am no exception. My husband recently surprised me with a pair of pearls and I have to say I am so happy, he got me black ones knowing that I could wear them with just about anything.



Those are the one thing I did not have and I can remember when I was growing up, I would wear my grandmothers and pretend to be going to the ball. My daughter received my moms when she passed away. We have been trying to figure out what to do with them, my mom got them when she turned 16, so they are pretty worn and I want to make something nice out of them


Pearl Disributors have so many different things, rings, bracelets and necklaces. And the pearls come in different colors. white, black, pink, lavender and more. They are all so beautiful. The best pearls for you may depend to a degree on personal preference.

There's something special about a of pearl jewelry. A of pearls makes a woman feel valued. A of pearl jewelry can mark a special occasion such as an Anniversary a Wedding or a Graduation. When a woman receives any kind of pearls they are bound to feel special and loved.

A dream wedding often includes a beautiful set of wedding pearls. A pearl necklace can be a man's to his bride, or her parents gift to their daughter. Many brides give pearl pendants or small Freshwater pearl necklaces as gifts to the bridesmaids.

The pearls hang nicely on my neck and I love how they look, now to find the perfect outfit to wear them with. Pearl necklaces also need to be protected from drying out. If you live in an extremely dry area your pearls may need extra humidity so they don't run the risk of cracking. Wear them and moisten them occasionally, and don't store them in a very dry room or near a source of dry heat.




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Deborah Caudill

Thursday 5th of February 2015

I would like to win the Akoya pearls, but the Tahitian black ones are gorgeous.

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