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Zahran Journey And Adventure on Jahanam


Kingdom of Peacocks – Mists of Time begins in the year AD 1510. Zahran wants to be a sailor more than anything. Portuguese caravels arrive to take control of his town of Calicut, India. All of the stories that have began circulating about the legendary one-eyed pirate and smuggler. Dayjur! Known for his reckless behavior and bravery. Zahran dreaming like most boys do, dreams of joining the infamous corsairs of the Arabian Sea and his first, but not last encounter with Dayjur.

Full of smugglers, pirates and scenes that are an ancient Arab world. This book takes you on Zahran's journey. The portuguese have blasted his hometown Calicut into rubble. Zahran is left as an orphan as his entire family was lost in these blasts. 

His city is in ruins and so many of his people have been killed. This has Zahran planning the most daring scheme to seek revenge. Not only for his family but for his town. This plan leads him to Dayjur's ship, the Jahanam. This is where the teen and the pirate meet. Their lives to become intertwined in a odd twist of fate. Dayjur reluctantly lets Zahran become a cabin boy on his ship. 

This is where the real adventure begins. As the Jahanam gallops out into the open ocean. Zahran has to learn how to battle to survive. While getting along with his grumpy crusty crewmates. During this adventure he learns Dayjur's life journey which is fueled with vigilance, peril and escape. 

This book is amazing and the dialogue makes it feel authentic and the adventures believable and fun. I enjoyed this book and I am sure you will.

About The Author

A little bit about the author of Kingdom of Peacocks. Fadel AlMheiri is an Emirati filmmaker. Graduating from American University of Sharjah. He began making films at age 14. Making a total of six short films since 2001. 2005 he produced Under Construction – 2007 wrote a drama A Corsair's Tale – 2013 founded his own production company – 2014 had a film premier at the Dubai International Film Festival. Kingdom of Peacocks – Mists of Time – is the first of a trilogy which is about Portuguese invasion of an imaginary kingdom in the Persian Gulf in the early 1500s as an allegory to today's extremist groups.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.