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OYOBOX Because Your Glasses Deserved To Be Spoiled Too



We all have that one family member who friend who swears they do not need glasses. BUT, they have “reading” glass of various prescriptions laying all around their house. And you know how we organize our jewelry? Because your glasses are just as important as your jewelry. OYOBOX to the rescue!



Because this box is so luxurious, you may want to keep it for yourself. Instead of giving it to the person you bought it for. While this beautiful and stylish case can hold up to eight pairs of your favorite glasses. Sunglasses, glasses that match your outfits, prescription glasses or reading glasses.


So much nicer and more organized than throwing your glasses on the counters or in a drawer. While this organizer has a shatterproof top window, stainless steel ball hinges, washable interior and a seven layer lacquer finish. This not only makes this a valuable and beautiful accent piece to your decor. But, it also ensure that it will stand the test of time. They also contain that specially engineered partition. Which helps your box accommodate up to eight pairs all in one beautiful box. And this box is unisex, so you are able to gift to male or female. 


While designing contemporary and high quality products they also believe in helping you streamline your life. Studies have shown that most people own several pair of eyewear. And some of these cost a pretty penny. So why not protect them? No more hiding your eyewear in dark, dingy drawers or the corners of your counters. NOW you can display them elegantly and stylishly. 

Just in time for the holidays. OYOBOX is perfect for the hard to buy person on your list. For the fashionista to the clutter bug. Help make their life just a little less cluttered.

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