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OXA Military Vintage Canvas Shoulders Backpack Bag #OXAMilitaryVintageCanvasShouldersBackpackBag


For a family that’s always traveling, we have so much that we have to take with us always. Devon has a bag that we carry in case of emergencies. And we have been on the lookout for something a little better. This OXA military canvas backpack is just the right thing/ Not only that it’s awesome to carry my laptop in when we take a weekend trip. Holds the laptop and so much more with no issues. It’s made from cotton canvas and light weight. Making carrying it around all day no problem.


The straps are padded and it makes it very comfortable to wear. And the advantage is there are pockets for everything, phone, wallet, glasses everything that needs to go can. Even the wires to all the gadgets we take fit inside this bag. Since this bag has nine pockets it holds a little bit of everything. The leather accents really set this bag off. It not only looks good but is practical as well. Thicken breathable strap design, comfortable to carry.

With multiple compartments secured hidden magnetic snaps camouflaged by realistic looking belt buckles, it is the coolest combination of an old antique 1940’s look and the benefits of the modern feel. We have been using it to carry the laptop while we were away, but in May we will use it with Devons stuff when we take the big drive to Florida.

Once the top flap is opened, It reveals a drawstring enclosure. It adjusts, as needed to the amount of items in the bag. It’s amazing how roomy it is, and how it can carry all that needs to be carried. Big enough to hold a 15-inch computer. It is a large backpack and you can comfortably carry about 6 school books just in the main pocket alone and then all the other pockets you can use for pens, pencils etc. whatever school supplies you need to carry. Can also be used to take camping, on family vacations

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.