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Oscar Blandi – Products To Help Your Hair

Dry hair, split ends, frizz. These are just some of the frustrations that many of us face when dealing with our hair. And, trying to find solutions can be tricky, especially finding solutions that work and last. Oscar Blandi products are here to help!

Oscar Blandi Jasmine Oil

To start off we have Oscar Blandi Jasmine Oil – Aromatic Treatment Serum. This Jasmine Oil helps to minimize frizz and provides shine to the hair that lacks luster. It contains jasmine and sweet almond oil, as well as vitamin E. And, it only takes a few drops to be effective. And, those few drops go a long way without weighing down your hair. According to the product's website, “A few drops soften, strengthen and seal cuticles, imparting a brilliant veil of luminosity.” You can even use the Jasmine Oil by applying it to towel-dried hair before you style—the oil can then provide you with protection from heat-styling tools. And, the smell? It is lovely and will make you feel pampered (and your hair smelling good). This product is available on the Oscar Blandi website for $35 for 1.6 oz and $16 for 0.67 fl oz travel size.

Oscar Blandi 1

Oscar Blandi Dry Conditioner Spray

The other product I'd like to share with you is the  Oscar Blandi Dry Conditioner Spray, which “renews shine and detangles.” I've heard of dry shampoos, but never dry conditioners. When I was introduced to Oscar Blandi Dry Conditioner Spray, I was pleasantly surprised with what it could do for my hair. Watch this YouTube video , which will show you how it works and what it can do for your hair. I think you'll be impressed. This product is wonderful at providing dry hair with a quick solution to bring it back to life, helping it to look healthier. According to the product's website, this spray “instantly delivers an ultra-fine mist of oils, emollients and vitamins to nourish, soften and shine.” It's very simple to use. Shake the can before using and then spray dry hair holding can 6-8 inches away from the hair. You can then simply run your fingers through the hair to distribute the conditioner. The Dry Conditioner Spray is available on their website for $25 for a 4 oz spray can. All prices are subject to change.

So, check out Oscar Blandi's website and see the above products and many others they have to offer you and your hair. Oscar Blandi is here to help solve your hair problems!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.