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Omega 3 Fish Oil Pills Lemon Flavor #naturallcare


We take fish oil pills on a daily basis. My husband and myself for health reasons. When I learned about these I wanted to try them. These are a capsule and go down smoothly. There’s no fishy aftertaste and there is a hint of lemon.

With highly concentrated Omega-3s, some 4 times more of the important Omega-3s compared to many other brands. Our fish oil has the most potent EPA/DHA ratio as recommended by most physicians. These have given me some much-needed energy, and these are great for my husband and helps his mood swings.

These capsules are coated with a hint of lemon. and this helps to prevent that fishy smell, and the odor is not really noticeable. And helps with that fishy after taste. The company prides itself with promoting a healthy living. No artificial ingredients, preservatives or sugar.

This formula contains all of the omega fatty acids. There is very little smell and you can feel the usual energy boost with this fish oil. Been a great difference in my husband’s mood, since this supplement is also good for helping depression and the blues. He’s more active and much more happy. There is no smell and the soft gels do not taste fishy or bitter at all.

For us being able to take these instead of the ones we did, has made it more likeable, the aftertaste wasn’t so bad and the lemon does help. The studies also suggest that a higher intake of omega-3s may bring certain health benefits that short-term supplementation cannot give such as: ★ Joint Pain Relief ★ Immune System Booster ★ Inflammation and Immunity ★ Healthy Hair ★ Healthy Skin ★ Healthy Heart ★ Healthy Brain ★ Mental Health ★ Vision and Eye Health ★ Vascular Health ★ Weight Loss Management. Natur’all Care Omega 3 Fish Oil is one of the most powerful supplements available on the market with its highly concentrated Omega-3s.

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