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Holiday Gift Guide: NuMe Hair Straightener

Where are all the girls with curly hair at? Raise your hands. I feel your pain. No, really. I feel your pain.

We don't have it easy. We can't walk out of the shower and leave the house without worrying about our hair being a mess. We can't jump in the ocean and know that the sun will dry it perfectly. We can't wake up in the morning and not spend at least 15 minutes taming the curls. And then the straight hair girls have the dignity to tell us they wish they had our hair! They have no idea what they're asking for. I know. I know. I understand you. 

Ever since I was a little girl, I have been fascinated with straight hair simply because I don't have it. All I know are curls: spiral curls, ringlet curls, messy curls, waves. Volume and out of control and messiness. Sometimes, like the picture above, I give up completely and don't know what to do with it. I literally went to school with my hair looking like that because I gave up. It gets exhausting spending a half an hour to an hour on your hair daily! It gets exhausting trying to find a perfect straightener as well. Because let's be honest… all us curly q's want are no more curly q's. I've found our solution.

Do you ever just fall in love with a straightener? Because I did. This was love at first sight. I took it out of the box and a beautiful pink straightener was staring at me. Let me repeat: a beautiful PINK straightener was staring at me. Pink. It's just so pretty.

Prior to using the Silhouette NuMe hair straightener, I was using a Chi. I found that the Chi wasn't hot enough, didn't straighten my hair fast enough, and was rather rough on my hair. It was always tugging and pulling out strands and made straightening my hair uncomfortable and aggravating. However, using the Silhouette NuMe, straightening my hair was an entirely different experience. I was able to section my curls and smoothly run the product through my hair without feeling any ripping. It heats up really fast, which is convenient for when I'm rushing in the morning. It's also really gentle on my strands, and straightens my curls after running it through only one time (however I run it through four or five times for good measure… or because I'm a perfectionist freak). The straightener is completely ceramic and glides through your hair.  

I was so excited with these results. The NuMe straightener cut my straightening time down significantly because it was effortless. There was no hassle, and the product worked really well.

Shoutout to NuMe for introducing me to my all-time favorite straightener. This product is definitely worth the buy. It's $139.00, and comes in three different colors: pink, blue, and black. It's also a great gift idea for women/girls with curly hair, or simply any girl who loves beauty. I'm definitely a girly-girl when it comes to hair and makeup, and I know that if I woke up to this under my Christmas tree, I'd be ecstatic. You can't go wrong with hair supplies EVER. The majority of us girls use them. 

For more information, visit the following websites: Promo Code: ORNAMENT61

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.