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No More Losing Your Car with ZUS Smart Car Finder

    If you're like me, you often struggle with finding your car in a big parking lot. (Matter of fact, about ten years ago, a friend and I searched for an hour and a half for our car in the Busch Gardens parking lot.) It's not a fun experience at all. That's where the Nonda® ZUS Smart Car Finder and Dual USB Charger comes in.


Smart Car Finder

    When you park your car, ZUS will automatically save your car's location via GPS. When it's time to head back to your car, simply open the ZUS app, and it will guide you back to your vehicle. The app is available for free in iTunes, and the Google Play store. 

ZUS charger

Connected Car App Suite

    With the Connected Car App Suite you will never pay another parking ticket again. The app has you set the alarm for when your meter runs out. It will alert you when you have ten minutes left. It also has a Family Share option so you can share your parking location for family. Another neat feature is the Car Battery Health Monitor. You can keep an eye on how your cars' battery is performing and get alerts when it under performs. 

Charge at Max Speed

    The Nonda® ZUS dual USB charger will charge your devices two times faster than average car chargers. It will charge TWO phones in under two hours, and two tablets in just over three and a half hours. Since it charges two devices at once, it frees up your other car port for other items. 

Dual USB charger

Reversible USB Ports

    Hate struggling with plugging into your USB port in the dark? It never seems that I have the cable in the right direction, and I fumble for what seems like forever. The ZUS charger has REVERSIBLE USB ports, so plugging into it in the dark is a breeze! 

Military Strength

    The only car charger to meet US Military High Temperature Standard. (MIL-STD-810G) Built with premium German Bayer PC material and Titanium coating, to withstand extremely hot temperatures. The award-winning design has won ZUS the 2016iF and Red Dot Design awards.

Where to buy

    To find out more about the Nonda® ZUS Smart Car Finder and Dual USB Charger, simply head to their website.  You can purchase the charger on Amazon. Don't forget to connect with them via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.