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Keeping Your Keys On Hand KeySmart

The simplest of products can be a great gift, even if it doesn’t seem like it would be. Sure the big expensive gifts are beyond amazing. Although not everyone can get stuff like that, plus all that isn’t always needed. People overlook the little things in life that could actually be worth having. Sometimes people look at the price of products and feel like that’s the only thing that matters. Well, I have a product that can be of great use for anybody out there. Something that is simple but can have an impact. So check out the information on the product below.

KeySmart 2.0

New Pitch For A Holiday Gift

The KeySmart 2.0 is a new swiss army style key holder. This is the perfect pocket organizer and a minimalist keyring that anyone can use. People all over are Constantly annoyed with thigh poke, key jingle, and damaged pants. All that wouldn’t matter anymore if you had this incredible design. The Key Smart key organizers can fit up to about 100 different keys. The KeySmart 2.0 includes:

  • Loop Piece To Attach Car Keys
  • Many Different Accessories Available 

The KeySmart 2.0 is a unique designed to help you with your key problems, especially if you have a ring overflowing with keys. This product features:

  • Unique ‘S’ design allows you to hold between 2- 100 keys (with expansion packs)
  • Compact size is smaller than a pack of gum
  • Universal, will fit almost any key found at your local hardware
  • Ultra strong and can withstand anything your life throws at it.
  • Eliminates any key jingle
  • Hides the jagged teeth while exposing the smooth back of the keys for easy access
  • Handmade in Chicago
  • Two More Available Models: KeySmart 2.0 Extended & KeySmart Titanium

New Pitch For A Holiday Gift

The materials of this product are indeed different from others. It’s made of aircraft aluminum and stainless steel hardware. The logo of the product is laser engraved, plus they have polished loops for car fobs. The best part is that the KeySmart 2.0 offers accessories including:

  • Bottle Opener
  • Quick Disconnect
  • Pocket Clip
  • Quick Retract
  • USB (8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB) 

All of these accessories are available for separate purchase. Furthermore, The KeySmart 2.0 comes in a variety of colors including:

  • Blue
  • Black
  • Red
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Orange
  • Grey
  • Pink

Having this product won’t be a bad idea, perfect if you want to avoid the struggle of clustered keys.

Getting someone one of these amazing KeySmarts would be a great idea. It doesn’t matter the cost of a gift because that isn’t what matter. So check out the information on the product above, give someone the power to organize their keys in piece. 

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