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New Palm Restaurant to Open in Beverly Hills November


 Palm Restaurant to Open in Beverly Hills November 2014

New Restaurant opens on heels of closure of Iconic Palm Restaurant in West Hollywood on September 30


 The legendary Palm Restaurant will be opening a new location of the iconic steakhouse on Canon Drive in Beverly Hills in early November. Known for its prime steaks and generously-sized lobsters, The Palm is equally famous for the caricatures of its celebrity customers and the power players that adorn the walls of its restaurants. Its popular West Hollywood location is scheduled to close its doors on September 30.

“The Palm in Beverly Hills will be modern and sexy, and will also acknowledge our past – both in New York where we were founded, and our original Los Angeles location,” said Bruce Bozzi, Jr., great-grandson of The Palm’s founder and Executive Vice President. “The new restaurant will reflect the sophistication of Beverly Hills but will also be what The Palm always is – warm, welcoming and inviting.”

The Beverly Hills Palm, while housed in a vintage building on Canon Drive, is a stylish reflection of its new host city. The natural wood bow and truss ceiling of the original structure will be exposed, paying homage, along with other design elements, to the Palm Restaurant’s origins in the 1920’s. These details will be in juxtaposition to the modern clean lines, high ceilings and open floor plan of the new restaurant.

Upon entering, the focal point of the room is a mural, depicting L.A. landmarks, which will be the new home of The Palm’s legendary caricatures. The flooring is dark, hand-sculpted wood throughout, while the walls reflect a warm golden hue.

A private dining room is located at the rear of the dining room, and floor-to-ceiling glass doors fold back to reveal wood paneling, an embossed copper ceiling and seating for 18. A second private seating area with seating for 10-12 is in the front of the restaurant separated by full height glass walls and metal drapery.

The bar, along with the wine display, runs along the right side of the restaurant and features seating at the dark stone countertop as well as at booths that are illuminated by retro-feeling globe table lamps.

There are visual nods to the 1970s throughout the restaurant – acknowledgment to the year the first L.A. Palm opened in 1975. Bathrooms feature nostalgic metallic wall coverings, and 70’s inspired light fixtures. Colors and textures throughout the restaurant are reminiscent of the era.

The exterior is buff painted brick, accented by deep bronze lacquered door, window frames and door canopy. Brown-striped awnings shade the industrial wired-glass windows that are lettered in contrasting elegant gold leaf, spelling out “The Palm Restaurant.”

In addition to the Palm’s traditional menu, there will be new items that will be unique to the Beverly Hills location, along with a special hormone-free cut added to the regular steak selections.

The 6,000 square foot restaurant, located at 267 North Canon Drive, will seat 185 including the two private dining rooms. There is outside seating for 14. West Hollywood Palm General Manager Tayna Hodge has been named the General Manager of the new Beverly Hills location. Bruce Bozzi, Jr. will be front and center at the restaurant, representing the Bozzi and Ganzi families, welcoming guests to the new restaurant.

About The Palm
The Palm’s philosophy is simple: Treat guests like family, serve great food, and always exceed expectations. Owned and operated by members of the Bozzi and Ganzi families since its founding in 1926, The Palm serves as a second home for countless patrons across the United States and abroad. The original Palm Restaurant, Palm One, bears the honor of being the oldest restaurant in New York City still owned by the same family at the same location. Now celebrating its 88th year of business, The Palm continues its legacy as a favorite gathering place and dining destination for families, friends, and business colleagues alike. For a virtual experience and to find a location near you, please go to

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Melinda Dunne

Thursday 18th of September 2014

That is really exciting that the New Palm Restaurant is opening. It sounds like it is going to be a lovely place. I would go just for the wine selection.

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