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Never Lose Your Phone Again With Pebblebee

41U5V8ZU2rL._SL1000_For me I am always in the fear of losing my I phone, leaving it somewhere or losing it some way. Recently I learned about the Peeblebee blue tooth tracker. This is an awesome little system, where you can actually put it to your phone and be able to track it if lost. This Pebblebee Honey tracker is a good concept but the execution is seriously in need.


Track belongings you don’t want to lose including pets, your keys, wallet or purse, luggage or backpack, laptop and anything else you fear losing. You can also use the button on the tracker to find your phone, and you will – the alarm is LOUD. The camera feature is especially cool – you can use the tracker to active the camera function and take a picture on iPhone . This is very useful and easy for me to set up.  The Honey also works in reverse; if you lose your phone, just hit the multi-use button on the Honey, and an alarm will sound, alerting you to your phone’s location.




The instructions are quite clear on how to get set up and your device linked, and the tracking signal is loud enough to hear from a decent ways away. And another thing these are great to have on your pet, in case they get lost you will be able to track them down. And the combination of audible tones and a flashing LED made finding my keys quick and easy when I used the app.  Love having at least a small piece of mind knowing that if I lose the phone, I can track it and get it back. Tap one button to activate the Honey’s chime melody or flash its bright LED light so I can find things super fast in the dark. 


For me this is a great thing I can even load this to my husbands phone, hes always losing it. This Bluetooth device is feature rich, the Honey is waterproof, the battery is easily replaceable and the Honeys battery lasts up to two years. I also like the fact PebbleBee sells replacement batteries for about a buck each!   150 ft Range – 50% further than the competition, Crowd sourced GPS extends your personal lost and found to the vicinity of other Pebblebee users,   the silver dollar-sized device can be attached to keys and bags, and is slim enough to stick in wallets, purses, or anywhere else you might want it. The Honey uses the Pebblebee Hive, an Android and iPhone app which monitors all your Honey devices and can track them down at a moment’s notice.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.