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Handmade Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser #namastrazen

Handmade Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser

When I opened the box to this gorgeous diffuser, I was so impressed! The Namastra Zen Handmade Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser has this amazing natural look that looks incredible in any room.  My home is my life, so I need an STRESS-FREE environment, so this fits perfect in my house.


  • Use any essential oils for an amazing aromatherapy treatment. Help with stress or get a deeper and more relaxing sleep. Aromatherapy can improve your life
  • Pick a color and enjoy. LED lights. Save energy while relaxing and enjoying your diffuser for hours
  • 10oz capacity (300 mL): Great for long relaxation sessions or overnight mist

Namastra Zen Guarantee (Manufacturers Warranty)

If you are not 100% satisfied with the essential oil diffuser, then please return it for a full refund or replacement. This manufacturers warranty is almost too good to be true. It is good for 18 months, and not one question will be asked. No hassle for you at all. Stress-free!

Handmade Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser

You can use with your favorite essential oils for your aromatherapy needs. You can relax after a hard days work. What I do is put in drops of peppermint or lavender in the diffuser when I take my night time shower.  It relaxes me so much right before bed.  I love how the LED also helps relax my body and mind.  I pick GREEN mostly.

In the morning before school, I turn the diffuser on with Lemon and Orange oils so the kids can get a pick me up while they are getting ready for school. We love the lights and strong mist. Cool the air, add humidity and a pleasant smell. I can turn on the timer for 60/120/180 mins or just leave on all day!

Handmade Ceramic Essential Oil DiffuserSpecifications 

  • Dimensions: 6.6 X 6.6 X 4.8 Inches
  • Capacity Of Water Tank: 10 Fluid Ounces (300mL)
  • Length Of Power Cord: 6 feet (183 cm)
  • Material: Ceramic Top and Plastic Base
  • Average Running Time:8 Hours (Depends on humidity in air and water quality. Your results could vary greatly.)
  • Auto Shutoff

What I appreciate is the ceramic diffuser is QUIET! It has got a lot of attention from visitors to my house- what a beautiful piece you have, Pam- then I tell them it is a Handmade Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser, and their eyes show such excitement.  I have placed this diffuser in our restroom because it fits our spa shower and looks awesome!

Having the lights and the mist (on a timer) going on at night also makes the bathroom not so scary for the kids and smells so good for me.  I walked in the restroom this morning, and I was hit with a nice scent of lavender.

If you purchase this diffuser, you will also get a Free Aromatherapy E-book so you can take advantage of this diffuser and any essential oils.  We also love DEALS – so get 30% off HERE! 

Handmade Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser

Please check out Handmade Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.