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Music Tech For The Holidays

The best holiday of them all is closing in faster than ever. Everyone is out making sure they can get everything they need from decorations to gifts. Decorating around the house is the easy part, but when it comes to Christmas shopping, it can become a pain. You stress over what to get someone, or you just feel like they might not like the gift you give them. Not only that, but you want to make sure the family has fun when everyone gathers. Well, I have a couple of products that could solve both situations. These products could be a good idea for gifts or even for personal enjoyment. So check out the information on the products below.

JamHub Tracker MT16

Music Tech For The Holidays

The JamHub Tracker MT16 would be the perfect gift for those music lovers in the family. This piece of technology is an audio capture and conversion tool. With this, you can easily turn your personal live audio into fully editable multitrack files for convenient post-production. The JamHub Tracker MT16 hooks up to any standard mixing desk or any JamHub studio through the SoleMix remote jack. Your recording experience turns into studio-quality production. The JamHub Tracker MT16 features:

  • 8 Onboard 1/4-Inch Inputs
  • 6 Mono
  • 2 Stereo
  • 16-Channel Breakout Snake

You simply plug each channel into the corresponding “Insert” and the rest is easy. Plus the JamHub Tracker MT16 saves all your work on an SD card, which can be removed for uploading. It can also work from a USB approach benefitting you in which ever way you find easier for you.


Music Tech For The Holidays

Many smart TVs, today have potential karaoke capabilities either through dedicated karaoke apps or a variety of karaoke tracks on YouTube. The SmarTVoke is a simple and easy solution to incorporate karaoke into your speaker set up at home. The SmarTVoke features:

  • New generation digital karaoke mixer for the ultimate sound and karaoke entertainment
  • Compatible with any source with digital optical output (PCM only) and sound systems with 1/8″ or RCA inputs
  • Can also be used with any analog music source with a 1/8″ input
  • Two wireless microphones that operate in the license-free 2.4Ghz band for reliable transmission
  • Mixed output jack sends music and microphone signals to any sound system with an available 1/8″ or RCA Input, Anything from portable speakers to a full-blown club system
  • Volume and effect controls built into each wireless handheld microphone
  • Includes digital optical cable to connect to smartTVs.
  • Dedicated 1/4″ microphone output jack for use as a standalone wireless microphone system

The SmarTVoke is a can bring a new level of entertainment to the table. With this product, you'll be ready to rock on for hours of karaoke fun with friends and family.

You can turn your holidays around with these few products. If it seems like there isn't enough fun and joy going around, it can easily be solved. So check out the information on the products above.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.