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Mr. Dirtfarmer for the Green Thumb This Holiday Season

    Are you looking for the perfect gift for the green thumb in your life? If so, look no further than Dave Pollard’s Mr. Dirtfarmer.

Mr. Dirtfarmer

Mr. Dirtfarmer Flat Trowel

    In the nineties, Dave lived and worked in Southern Italy. He would often help out his neighbors with their gardening. These neighbors used several tools that were new to Mr. Pollard, one of which was the flat trowel.

    They use the this trowel to cut, chop, plant, weed, seed rows, and level dirt. ONE tool, to do all of those things! That’s so much easier. When Dave left Italy, his landlord gave him his flat trowel. So Mr. Pollard worked closely with a manufacturer to re-create this tool, and thus Mr. Dirtfarmer was born.  

Replaces several gardening tools

    As I mentioned above, Mr. Dirtfarmer replaces several gardening tools. This one tool will replace the traditional digging tool, weeder, and knife blade. Use it to plant, transplant, chop, dig, cut, weed, smooth, and mix soil. 

Mr Dirtfarmer flat trowel

Made from Carbon Steel

    Mr. Dirtfarmer is very sturdy! That’s because it’s made from carbon steel. That means you can sharpen it too. The painted blade is one millimeter thick, and rust resistant. It’s flat and wide for slicing through weeds and root balls.

Ergonomic Handle 

    Mr. Dirtfarmer has a thick, grippy handle, with finger grooves on the bottom. The handle also has a ninety degree handle offset, to minimize hand fatigue. Very well designed for those in search of the perfect gardening tool. 

Home and Garden

    This tool has uses for the home and the garden. Strong, yet light and rugged, so it’s well suited for nearly anything you throw at it. Open soil bags, cut up root balls, use for plaster and cement work, or even for camping. 

Buy a trowel, and help to feed a hungry child

    Those at Mr. Dirtfarmer have partnered with 3 Esthers Farm in Lusaka, Zambia, to help feed hungry children. Each Mr. Dirtfarmer flat trowel purchased, they will donate one dollar to the farm. To learn more about 3 Esther’s Farm, click here

Where to buy

    You can get your Mr. Dirtfarmer by heading to Amazon. You can also follow them on Facebook. 


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