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Guide Through The Seasons~ Mother Earth News Almanac


Mother Earth News Almanac: A Guide Through the Seasons.


The Mother Earth News Almanac"


Mother Earth News Almanac has recipes, money saving hints, animal raising tips, organic gardening, recycling projects, and so much more!  This is a collection of information about satisfying, self-sufficient, lifestyles of yesterday, today and tomorrow. 

Like the 1970’s long-out-of-print best seller, this newly updated Almanac is a compendium of wisdom and inspiration, presented in the same friendly and approachable style as the original.  The essentials have been updated, yet the charm of the original – from the writing style to the signature line drawings – remain intact.

The information in the book is timeless  –  whether its organic growing and gardening techniques and info, money-saving tips, weather wisdom, crafts, kitchen know-how, home repair skills and so much more.

The Mother Earth News Almanac"

Also, there were over thirty charts and tables for measurements, conversions and schedules such Planting Table for Family Gardening, Common Garden Pests and Their Natural Controls and recommended storage periods for fruits and vegetables.

More people than ever before are looking for ways to simplify their lives and to live more practically  – and they’re looking for the tools to make that a reality.  The Mother Earth News Almanac is that tool; it’s a lively collection of information about the satisfying, self-sufficient lifestyles of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

The Mother Earth News Almanac"

The book is organized by season, with each chapter containing advice, instructions and more. I’m going to share my favorites

Spring: The Time of Awakening 

  • Granola Recipe
  • Recycled Milk Cartons: Seeds, Paint Box, Ice for Camping, Kids Castle, Mold for candles, Piggy Bank

Summer: The Time of Growth

  • Natural Pest Controls
  • How to Build a House with Recycled Items 

Autumn:  The Time of Maturing 

  • Easy Way to Peel Tomatoes
  • Milk Cleans Silverware

Winter: The Time of Rest

  • Polish Shades with Lemon
  • Start a Co-Op

Check out: Mother Earth News Almanac: A Guide for All Seasons

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The new Mother Earth News Almanac is chock full of useful info and tips on gardening, homesteading, home improvement and so much more. Available at your favorite bookstore and online Books 

Can buy on Amazon: 

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