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Monday at Jelly Roll Dog Park





Have you ever been bullied, and not know how to deal with it.Imagine how kids are getting through it in today's world. This book is amazing and it shows how Muttley the dog went through, and made it through being bullied.

He went to the dog park and was bullied for not being a purebred, can you only imagine how he felt. But there was special dog who became friends with him, Jelly Roll’s guardian angel, Daisy Mae the bulldog. She took him under her paw and helped him. She herself use to be friends with those nasty other dogs. She teaches him how to navigate through their standoffish bark.

He finds his own strengths in everything he learns, and soon enough earns his own respect from the pack,this book teaches our children how stand up to a bully, the way that Muttley did.

A great book children who are bullied should read it, and we seriously need to put an end to this, to many of our children only find comfort in death. And this book shows them there is a much better way, to take on the bully.


Bullying came from her desire to introduce the term to children at a younger age, and to have them learn the lessons through characters that they could learn to know and instantly love—dogs!


The book illustrations are really cute and right on, The pack of dogs are so mean to Muttley and his angel sees it all from up above, a learning book for children of younger ages. Helps them to see how mean people can be and how they can get through it. 


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.