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There are 7 people living in our house and we all would like to say that we, know what to do in case of a emergency. But the truth is we really do not, we need to have a plan of escape in case of a fire, and other things that can happen. 

How safe is our homes really, can we honestly say that we are safe and sound and that no one will harm us, or break in. There are numerous break in’s all the time and people think that they are safe from harm. Your familys safety  follow should be the number one thing  you should always focus on. Do you feel comfortable knowing that you are prepared or are you like me, completely unprepared? 

With this awesome app you will MyIntel is like you have an expert in home security, safety, and emergency preparedness visit your home, identify areas where you might be at risk, and then give you a detailed, customized report in under 20 minutes on how to improve all of these things, would you do it?   We did and we are so happy that we did, now we know what we should do in all kinds of diseasters, and found out what we need and the best supplys we would need for all. Now with the help of this your family and your security will be the best it should be. 


Would you know what to do if a burglar breaks in and how to protect yourself.Introducing MyIntel – A Simple Home Safety Tool

Have you ever wondered if your house would be easy for a burglar to break into? Do you know the best places for smoke detectors and fire extinguishers in your home? How much food and water should you have stored for an emergency? The answers to all of these questions – and many more home safety topics – are in the MyIntel program. Better yet, this isn’t just some how-to manual – MyIntel tells you specifically what you should do to improve your home safety based on your specific circumstances. was established by a group of security and safety professionals. We have assisted many government organizations and large private sector companies to understand their risk of criminal activity, natural disasters and terrorism, and then provide effective solutions to lower that risk. Together, our staff has accumulated decades of experience in Security, Law Enforcement, Counter Terrorism, Intelligence, Military Special Operations, Fire and Rescue, Emergency Preparation, and Wilderness Survival.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.