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Massage Electronic Pulse #TensMassageTherapy

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My husband has a bad back and we have tried everything that we can, to give him some relief. Finally, we found a great massage electronic pulse, and its great can help back and neck pain caused by trauma or continual strain. TENS therapy can help break this pain cycle by loosening the muscles and releasing any waste products aiding the normal healing process. This massager is a compact, portable, micro-computer controlled device. This is a great machine and the  Massage Electronic Pulse, is something I would recommend to everyone who suffers from pain.  To be free of some pain is the best feeling. 
This is great for all the spots that are hurting, during the night or day you can put it on your neck or back. Use it on your shoulders, legs and feet. It can help with all of your pain relief and any numbness of caused from a stiff neck, or if you use carpel tunnel syndrome and any other chronic pain. It’s great for all areas of the body, especially your neck and shoulders, You can use it on your lower back and legs as well as feet, joints and arms. Any place you have pain you can. It may relieve pain and numbness in any of the following situations, stiff neck and muscle pain. Any muscle pain that you may have from exercise, or stretching.

Since he’s been using this he feels so much better, and he can move around more. His back isn’t as stiff and doesn’t hurt as much. Effective tens unit muscle stimulator — Six Auto Modes (stimulation programs) and adjustable speed and intensity. Three selectable massages tens unit, High-frequency stimulation to relieve pain. Attachment pads included. Power: 3 AAA batteries(included); Not for medical use. Intended for use in sports and/or aviation. We love it so much and are very happy with it. 

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