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Make Yoga Fun For Kids with ThinkFun Games

    ThinkFun games recently reached out to us here at Kelly's Thoughts on Things, to check out some of their fun kids yoga games, as part of our Fitness Gift Guide. I asked Liam what he thought and he immediately said yes. I have been reading about how great yoga is for kids, but especially so, for kids on the Autism Spectrum. Yoga is great for helping kids whom struggle with fine motor skills. It enhances their stability and strength as well as helps them with their body awareness. Liam REALLY struggles with body awareness, so I am happy to he helping him gain a better grasp on this. Yoga is also a great therapy tool for kids with Sensory Processing Disorder, and with Anxiety. 

    ThinkFun sent us three great games to try out some yoga. They sent us the Yoga Spinner, which was the first game Liam chose. Inside the cute spinner is the game cards. You play it similar to a board game, where you take turns spinning and then choosing the card of the color you spin. You then do the yoga position on the card. Your goal is to be the first person to collect one card of each color. The white cards even have yoga positions for both players. It really is fun, and my husband and I both enjoy playing it with Liam. He usually wins because we can't do all of the positions. 

    The next game we tried was Memory Yoga. In this game, you learn and try out thirty six, different Yoga positions while searching for matching memory tiles. Not only are you working out your body, but you're engaging your mind. Liam really enjoys this one too. There's even two levels, so it's perfect for beginners, and for those that may actually know what they are doing. 

    Lastly, the third game ThinkFun sent us is Yoga Cards, The Game. In this game you choose a mission card. Each mission card has goals that you have to do. You choose a card that matches your mission, and then hold that pose for ten seconds. The first player to meet both goals listed on their mission card is the winner. Again, Liam is usually the first to win.

    We really enjoy playing these Yoga games, and have been playing them daily, instead of just on our designated Family Game Night. As a home school mom, it's a great way to get in phys ed hours too!

    To check more of ThinkFun's Yoga games, or to see the other awesome games they offer, head to their website.  You can also find ThinkFun on social media. Check them out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Google+.


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Monday 4th of April 2016

Kelly, I think your blog is great, and you are inspiring! I didn't know yoga was good for autism, but I'll be letting my sister-in-law, and brother know about your site and the information you provide. One of their sons has autism spectrum disorder. I think they will be happy to add your website to their resources.

Thanks for doing what you do, and sharing about yourself too! -- Very inspiring!

Kelly R

Tuesday 5th of April 2016

Thank you Jenny. :)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.