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Make HEART Cookies All Year Long! Using a Dough Shaper

Tired of rolling pins, pastry sheets and messy countertops every time you make cookies? This Valentine’s (or any time of year) I used the Heart-Shaped Cookie Dough Shaper by Chicago Metallic! This cool, new tool is perfect for Valentine’s parties and treats. This year I was broke but wanted to do something special for my kids and husband.  So I made HEART COOKIES and had fun doing it!

How To Make Heart Cookies

 How it works:Make HEART Cookies All Year Long!

-No more rolling pins, wasted dough, and messy countertops

-Stuff shaper with your choice of dough

-Cut each cookie the same shape, size, and thickness with the measurement grid lines

Now there is a bit more to it, but the result is impressive. Get your favorite cookie recipe – by the way the dough shaper comes with six dough recipes including gluten-free and vegan choices! So worries if you don't have one, Chicago Metallic got you!

I had fun making my Valentine cookies, and I plan on making heart cookies all the time.  Okay so I don't mind crispy cookies, so the thickness on the grid was perfect for me BUT my hubby well he likes chewy, soft cookies so next time I'm going to cut at every other line.  My family appreciated me making them heart cookies and pretty much ate the whole plate last night.  I sneaked a couple and stashed them for my coffee in the morning…mom treat indeed!


Make HEART Cookies All Year Long!

If you like baking or just love cookies, we highly recommend the Heart-Shaped Cookie Dough Shaper. Using the shaper for the first time I didn't do so great, but I redid it over and here are some tips to help!

  • Let that the dough rest 5 minutes before rolling
  • Roll the dough cylinder slightly longer than the Dough Shaper
  • It says to refrigerate for at least 1 hour I did that, and the didn't like my hearts so I put back into shaper and froze it for 30 minutes and BAM it cut smoother.  So I would say 30 in the fridge and 30 minutes in the freezer. Sounds odd but dough being frozen made it easier to cut.
  • Spray the shaper with PAM- that helped so much!
  • If you like thin cookies go with the grid- perfect size and amount.

Mother's Day, Father's Day even Graduation I could see myself making heart cookies for these events.  My teen daughter loves baking so after seeing my cookies she also said she is going to make heart cookies every week now. Now I doubt that will happen but she has good intentions. The shaper makes cookie baking so fun and the results are so much better than I could do on my own!

Make HEART Cookies All Year Long!

Pick up the Heart-Shaped Cookie Dough Shaper on Amazon (under $10) plus check out Chicago Metallic Bakeware because you need some cookie sheets to make these cookies.

Make HEART Cookies All Year Long!

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Want to make HEART COOKIES- Well you can with this cool tool- Dough Shaper! Under $6 on Amazon

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.