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How I Made More Money Crafting


One thing I love to do in my spare time makes handmade craft items and going to vendor shows. I am constantly making items, from crocheting, clay modeling to embroidery. I have tried being a vendor at conventions and craft shows; it is just hard to get noticed above all the other vendors that are advertising with awesome, beautiful displays, not only in front of their stand but also outside in front of the venue and advertising in the newspaper. I never really thought I needed to advertise like that to get my hand-made items sold to the public at the venues. I have several different repeat clients that are constantly putting in orders for me to fill and I thought I was making pretty good money and not having to pay for advertising.

I sat down with one of my crafting friends that does the same thing I do, but she has paid for advertisements and banners. We were talking about how her business is doing compared to mine. She draws in new clients every weekend or when she goes to events. I explained to her the way I do things, and how I would love to get more clients, that way I can have more orders to fill. We then talked about how much it cost her to order her banners and other advertisements versus how much money she makes. She then told me who she used for her banners and other advertisements, and it was called Exhibits Etc. Exhibits Etc is one of many online websites to order display banners, banner stands, etc. online, but remember to make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to review the products before the show.

My friend then preceded to tell me that I could get all my advertisement at a great price and start advertising like everyone else is doing. I had to think and sit down and figure out if this would fit in my budget. After doing some thinking, I had decided that it was the best option to do. I got my advertisements, and it has brought in so much business. I am so happy with the new clients I have gotten, and I am now advertising along with everyone else.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.