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Love Bug Probiotics

Love Bug Prob

I saw a new products called Love Bug Probiotics “Here’s The Skinny” and thought it looked and sounded interesting. I have problems, just like most Americans and those around the world, with the one things most people do not want to talk about and that is their digestive system. There are so many problems from basic simple problems to severe problems as Crohn’s and colitis issues.

I actually have ulcerative colitis, which is not as severe as Crohn’s, however, it can be if you do not catch it soon enough. I am one of the few lucky ones in that mine is in a particular spot and I have a really good doctor. Although, I have had all the medicines just about that you can imagine and colonoscopies, but I really feel very lucky. However, I do need to watch my diet and have an increased take in probiotics – or the good ones anyway.LoveBProb

Although I do need to take these longer than the 30 days, and am not quite finished with the bottle I received I can already tell a difference. I do not want to go into detail, however, when you are not as regular as you could be and then find yourself a bit more so, especially in my case, I see that as a sign of a good product.

It states that it is a patented time-release delivery technology, and the #1 most clinically studied strain – L, the ingredients are not affirmed by the FDA, etc., I do not think there are good products out there that should have to be affirmed. When you have someone who has certain problems like me, and you need to find a good way to get your probiotics, then I say at least try it for the 30 days. You may be out some money, but I don’t think that is too expensive when something helps.

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Here’s to your digestive health and overall well-being!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.