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LNKOO Bluetooth Headset Touch-Sensitive Control #LNKOOHEADSET

2016072004bb4fc9f0ff6d6d06ef7705f36ebf9c5726d0a095My husband can’t live without his Bluetooth and when I showed him the LNKOO Bluetooth Headset, he wanted it for sure.  He has to drive about an hour to work and so that is when he calls his mom or calls to customers.  He needs a CLEAR headset, or he is always saying HUH, and that is annoying.  


  • This Headset is a truly hands-free: Bluetooth headphone solution that allows driving, work, exercise while chatting on your phone or listening to music in absolute comfort.  My husband 
  • TOUCH SENSITIVE CONTROL: You can touch to pick/reject a call, and long press to repeat the last song
  • Voice Control: You can say yes or no to take the incoming call or to reject it
  • Ergonomically-shaped Ergonomically behind-the-ear style enhances user all-day comfort.
  • Dual Connection: It can pair with two devices simultaneously, so you can answer calls with two devices or listen to music by one and talk to the other.
  • Button Control: Controls for answering and hanging up, playing and pausing music, adjusting the volume and controlling the songs are all within easy reach right on the headset for maximum convenience.
  • Ultra-Clear Sound: Regarding sound quality, our universal wireless BlueTooth is certain to impress. You’ll feel full-duplex sound quality, echo or noise canceling and an extremely sensitive microphone to make audio-rich and eliminate the need to repeat yourself


I’m not a fan of Bluetooth headsets because I don’t like that feeling of something in my ear.  This is so comfortable I might have to get myself one.  The quality is very decent, I was able to hear everything very clearly. Can’t beat the value, price fits my budget.  I liked how it worked so well without me touching it I might get into the phone calling game again.  I could actually talk to my mom for hours if I don’t have to hold the phone.  I’m too busy to take 2 hr break to talk on the phone.  I have stuff to do! Also I can use as headphones to listen to my music. 

You can read more about the LNKOO Bluetooth Headset on AMAZON



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.