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Let Weed Zinger do all the WEEDING for you! #weedzinger

Weed Zinger…the weeding tool of choice.  The safe and fun way to get rid of weeds!

Weed Zinger- We love it!
I’ve never been a garden/yard type of girl because of WEEDS.  I don’t like pulling weeds at all.  So when I got married and had kids I had this excellent idea that I would take care of the inside of the house( I love that) and the rest of the family can tend to the outside.  My dream turned out more like a nightmare because that never happened so guess who has the outside and inside…yes this girl!  When I saw the Weed Zinger I knew right away, I needed this tool.  No bending down it says, so you are aware that caught my eye, I’m getting older and bending down is getting hard these days plus it takes so much time to get up.  I got the Weed Zinger to help with my dream of a nice yard and it is working.  

When the Zinger got here, I wasn’t able to try it at first because my husband and kids wanted to use it.  Did I just find the miracle tool to get my lazy family off the couch/phones and help me do this yard that is being overtaken by weeds?  Yes, I have!  My family is now willing to weed, and it’s not because they want to its because the weed Zinger is FUN!  I’m not going to complain, anyway, I can get their help I will take it! 

Reasons why I LOVE the Weed Zinger:

  • No bending, kneeling or lifting
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Keeps my hands clean 
  • Removes weeds!!
  • Simple to clean up 

This steel constructed weeding tool requires no bending, kneeling, or lifting. Using this eco-friendly tool allows your yard to be chemical free and your hands to stay clean.  The Weed Zinger grabs the weed and up-roots it from all types of soil without damaging the surrounding turf or ground cover! Simply aim and ZING the weed at the target some 3-6 feet away.  
The Weed Zinger is the only weeding tool that shoots the weed directly into a trash can using a powerful spring and trigger that propels the weed several feet into your waste bin.
No bending over to pick-up the extracted weeds. 
Simply step…twist and zing the weed away.

Weed ZingerVideo: 

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