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Get Some Laughs With “Lady Lucy’s Laugh Giraffe Journey”

Do you know a child who loves animals? Christmas shopping has begun, and picking up some stocking stuffers or Christmas gifts now, would make December a lot less stressful. Well, for those kids that love animals, I have a really cute book about giraffes that is small (for book standards) and that will fit perfect in a stocking. It's Lady Lucy's Laugh Giraffe Journey, by Karen Gross and Marc Wine.


This is probably one of the most adorable books I've seen in a long time. And, this book is extra special for so many reasons, as I shall explain.

First, for the most part, this is a book that is full of funny, giraffe jokes. And, the jokes were contributed to the book by the students at the Hathaway Brown School, which is located in Ohio. To fill this book up with jokes was no easy task because there is page after page of giraffe jokes. And, they're funny! I don't know about you, but I think I could come up with 2 giraffe jokes maximum and that's it. But, these students went far beyond that! Great job, students of the Hathaway Brown School!

Second, this book is the latest installment in a series of books featuring Lady Lucy. In this book, Lady Lucy's friends, Dillon the Dragon and Tapestry the Unicorn were sad and Lady Lucy is on a mission to help them feel better. What results is them discovering that giraffes are like them. And, in the end, they decide to make up giraffe jokes, which is how the book came about.

What else is special about this book? Throughout the book there are adorable pictures of giraffes (many of them appear to be statues or toys of some sort). And, these pages with giraffe pictures also have a “Name______” written at the top. So, the reader can pick a name and write it in for each giraffe pictured in the book! How special is that? I think little kids will really get a kick out of being able to do that!

The book also includes very interesting information about giraffes to help educate readers about how special these animals are. Plus, when you purchase Lady Lucy's Laugh Giraffe Journey, the authors donate a portion of the net profit from the book sale to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation (which helps to prevent giraffe extinction). I actually had no idea that giraffes were at risk for extinction. So, I'm happy there are books like this to help bring about awareness of such a tragic issue!

Lady Lucy's Laugh Giraffe Journey is available in paperback on Amazon for $14.95 (price subject to change). I think so many kids, especially the ones that love animals and/or jokes, would love to receive this unique book! It's a fun and funny read for sure!

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