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LampChamp™ USB Lamp Socket Charger

    I have another great stocking stuffer idea for all of you! LampChamp™ is a USB Lamp Socket Charger. Perfect for the techies on your list, or even the travelers! Check it out below.



    Olens Technology Quality Electronics brings us the coolest little gadget! It’s really such an ingenious idea! LampChamp™ will turn any lamp into a USB charging station! The two amp USB charger stays on all the time, and a convenient on/off switch controls the light bulb. This is great because you won’t need to keep the lamp on just to charge or power your device.

Installs in seconds

    It’s really super easy! Simply unscrew the existing bulb from your lamp. Screw in your LampChamp™, then screw the light bulb back into the top of your LampChamp™. Voila! Your lamp is now a USB charging station! You can use any lamp and bulb, but Olens Technology recommends using an LED bulb in the E27 base, as the emit less heat and use less electricity than traditional incandescent bulbs.

LampChamp features

Powers any USB

    LampChamp™ powers and chargers cell phones, tablets, cameras, mp3 players and more. Anything that is powered by a USB plug can be powered off of your LampChamp™.

Convenient and portable

    We don’t travel often (usually once a year,) but it never fails that it’s hard to find an outlet for everyone, and every one of their electronic devices. This is what makes LampChamp™ the perfect little gadget. It will easily pack in your suitcase, and then just as easily convert any lamp into the USB charging station that you need. As a matter of fact, I was just telling my husband how handy this will be on the island next fall. This past year we had a charging rotation because there weren’t enough outlets that we were able to access. The LampChamp™ will make that a bit easier this year! 

LampChamp USB

Must have item

    I personally think every stocking this holiday season should contain a LampChamp™. They’re so convenient and easy to use, and everyone can benefit from them. I plan on getting a few more for my family as well! To get some for those on your holiday gift list, head to their website.  You can also follow them via Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.



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