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Kohl’s Cares Brings Books to Life


Kohl’s Cares makes books more exciting!kohls kids book and animal

Kohl’s is a trusted source for clothes and home goods. They offer great products at great prices. As a card member you are eligible for amazing discounts and deals. Kohl’s is proving they care by giving back to our kids in many different ways. Kohl’s cares is an opportunity for everyone to support children’s health. By buying a book or stuffed animal you are contributing to one of Kohl’s charities that support children’s health initiatives nationwide.  100% of the net profits is donated and we can all make a difference in the health of our children and children in the future.

kohls kids book and animal

I love to read. Our family is a huge fan of the library and we make regular visits to get books to read. Every book is an adventure and I can’t wait to start the next one. I love that my kids are picking up on my passion for books. Reading together as a family and by encouraging self reading time is a way I am showing my kids there is a so much to learn. I was thrilled to get some books from Kohl’s cares since each book has a coordinating stuffed animal. I love that this stuffed animal brings new life to the story.


kohls kids book and animal

Found is a story of how Bear finds a lost toy in the forest and has to figure out what to do next. With a great life lesson that every choice might not be easy, this book was a delight to read. The Bear stuffed animal is so soft and plush. It is so adorable and very well made. I can tell it will last a couple washings if needed. My kids seem to get attached to a stuffed animal right away and it is very hard to keep them looking clean. I can already tell that Bear is going to be my son’s friend for a while.


kohls kids book and animal
In Penguin’s Big Adventure we find out what happens to Penguin when he visits the North Pole. The plush penguin is super soft and so huggable. I am sure your kids will want to squeeze him while you are reading the story. I know my kids did. This is an adorable story reminding kids that new things can be scary but also a great adventure. I love seeing a good life lesson set in an adorable children’s book.

Overall, these books were simply delightful. Each has a great story and the stuffed animal was so adorable my kids were won over the first time they saw them. They begged me to read the story to find out what happens to Penguin and Bear. Find a story and help children at the same time at $5 each you just can’t go wrong. Do your kids like to read?



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